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You are Never too Old to Learn (Even on Online)

A Life and Learning Update from Yours Truly:

It’s Sunday morning, as I sit here, staring at my computer, waiting for my latest assignment to be marked in my most recent course. There was no paper version handed in, or professor to approach, just a file to be downloaded, edited and then submitted through an online forum. All, of which I could do from the comforts of my home and in my sweatpants, just me, a computer screen and downloaded file—simple, clear and interaction free.

This is exactly the type of learning that has helped me continue to build on my education and well love of learning outside the classroom walls. It’s also offered me the very cool option to explore subjects and courses that I have truly been interested in without having to travel far to attend lectures, seminars or exams, which while in student mode it wasn’t so bad to travel back and forth to classes, but now that I am working once more and ready to take on learning the option of online learning is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Course Requirements- Self-Discipline and Time Management:

However, as I’ve found in previous experience to online learn successfully takes a few different skills, like for instance good time management in order to balance class work with real work, self-discipline to follow through on lessons and motivation to complete, but it can be rewarding and hopefully possible. Lucky for me, as a blogger these skills aren’t entirely new, but what will be this time around is taking on the experience while working and managing not one but TWO courses in a program. It’s going to be a totally different endeavour for me to figure out and take some adjusting as I work to manage my work and course work schedule…but I’m excited, a little anxious, and ready to take on online learning once more in this new direction. One for the first time that is in an area of study that’s relevant to what I’m already doing, and gives me extra motivation to do my best, and that’s something worth recognizing.

The Catch (and There is One):

As I do so, I recognize that the blog may have to wait or that it’s schedule may not be as consistent as it’s been, but that’s okay. I know it will always be here for me to write on and that the beauty of having created this space is that it’s totally up to me what and when I post on it. So, just so you know that if things seem even slower for the Spring or more sporadic, I haven’t forgot about it or you, it’s just that I’m busily managing that delicate work-life-learning balance as best I can.

*This change comes into affect May*

Curiously Yours,