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Flawsome Blogger Award

It’s been a while since I have done a blog award, but believe this to be one of the few worthwhile ones to participate in. Not only because it is about sharing the very things that make us human- our flaws- but it’s a great way to recognize and perhaps embrace them for ourselves as bloggers.

Also, before getting to it I would like to thank Odette from Blooming with Azalea for nominating me. P.S. Sorry for the delayed response but here it is, my response to the Flawsome Blogger Award.

This award is given to individuals in the blogging community to help share and embrace our flaws collectively and acknowledge the very things that make us unique. Here also is more of Sophia Ismaa Writes– the creator of this lovely award- philosophy on why it’s such an neat one to participate in:

“How many times do we see an award that celebrates all things bright and shiny and sunny in a person? How often do we forget that our weaknesses can be a strength? Our flaws make us human, our flaws tell us more about who we are, and in turn we turn those flaws into awesome strengths. In short, our flaws make us #flawesome.”

Now the rules:

  1. Link back to the creator
  2. Display the award
  3. List three flaws
  4. Tag 10 people

The first two are done, now onto the next.

My Three Flaws:

  1. I can be harder on myself than anyone else, especially when it comes to new experiences and situations where the only way to really have learned might have been the hard way. So, in these experiences I’ve learned to just be open to learning from them, and it’s become a lesson in being gentle on myself while working on self improvement/growth.
  2. When entering into a new experience or situation, a tendency I have is to ask a lot of questions, this comes from my belief that by knowing as much as I can about it, somehow helps give me the illusion that there is more to control or more about it is under my control. Plus side is that if I can know something, even if it’s a small detail about a plan or change in plans I can use that information to better prepare myself for it.
  3.   I won’t always get an insight, lesson or point the first time around, as often it takes several attempts, reminders and the experience of it for me to understand what others may have been saying all along. Eventually I do catch up and run with an insight or idea, it just takes me a little longer than most to have that “ah ha” realization (so wait for me).


Apologies if you have been nominated before, or that it may have been a while since we’ve caught up, but I’ll do my best to check out some of your recent blogposts.